Digital Communication
in School

Inform students and teaching staff

What is it?

Digital communication in school

Inform students and teaching staff quickly and easily regarding substitutes*, room changes*, important internal school information and events, found items, current weather, and much more – on modern displays in the break hall, social rooms, classrooms, the cafeteria or the entire school premises.


* easescreen4schools is compatible with any scheduling software
that exports data on a HTML or XML basis (e.g. Untis).

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How will it help me?

Always up-to-date
Enter and display class schedule changes, online messages, pictures and videos of school events, menu plans, current school information and much more.

One system for students
and teachers
Manage, set-up and adapt any number of users with different rights.

User friendly
easescreen4schools is easy and intuitive to use and doesn’t require any programming.

Easy integration and data security
Effortless docking on to existing IT systems and extendible if needed – all data is used only in the internal network

Save time, paper
and printing costs

Information can be quickly prepared, changed and distributed in real time within the network – it’s also possible to use common webbrowsers

Innovative and modern
Today, digital signage is the most efficient, fastest and most modern way to communicate.

Economical and cost-effective
One-time purchase costs instead of ongoing fees.

Effortless interactivity
Create interactive solutions for touch displays and that way stimulate your students’ creativity – great effects can be achieved with very little effort.

Optional expansion

easescreen4schools license

The license includes the following features:

  • Class and substitution schedules
  • Videos
  • Pictures, PowerPoint, PDF
  • Text Newsticker
  • Adobe Flash
  • Webpages
  • RSS Online Newsticker

Download: Comparison of
software features

 Download here


Additional features are optionally available
Video, images, newsticker, powerpoint, pdf
Many templates available

Benefit from the many templates available!

A large selection of free templates is included.


Custom templates
Many templates available
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Fields of application


Meal plan, nutrition tips, weather, news, ...

Faculty rooms

For substitute teachers, events, advanced education measures, information on courses, teaching material, book recommendations,...

Foyer / Cloakroom

Visitor information, substitution schedule for students, found items, departure schedules for public transportation, dates, pictures of the last school event, exercise tips for in-between times, weather, news,...

Secretary’s office

General information for students and teachers, substitution schedules, dates, school events,...

Break room

Weather, news, pictures, videos, PowerPoint presentations,...

How does it work?

  • Quick mounting and installation – selection of various packages – ready for immediate use and very intuitive.
  • Schedule, edit and distribute in a single application – Compile multimedia content centrally and display it on different monitors throughout the building in a time-controlled manner. The content can be used for multiple sites as well.
  • Many formats, individual layouts – All common file formats are supported, ensuring high display quality. Design any layouts you want and check them easily with the preview function.
  • Automation – easescreen4schools synchronises updates automatically over the network or at defined times (in connection with the management server).
  • From near and far – Content management of the system is also possible using common Web browsers – convenient and secure by means of encrypted user management.
  • Complete system monitoring and trouble-free 24/7 operation – The easescreen4schools watchdog takes over automated control of the entire system.


easescreen4schools Screen Manager:
Installed on any number of workplaces (PCs)

Any number of workspaces
Content is distributed in the local school network via LAN/WLAN

Content is distributed
in the local school
network via LAN/WLAN


Display with integrated PC


Display with integrated PC


Display with integrated PC

quick and easy interface via web browser

easescreen4schools Web Interface:
quick and easy to use via Web browser

Service + Hardware

Full service provider

We recommend the basic package which consists exclusively of professional components.

That way you can expect lasting and trouble-free operation with the highest level of technology.

Basic Package

  • Professional LED display (as of 42") with preconfigured PC
  • easescreen4schools standard license

Optional Expansions

  • Tilting wall mount to match
    the display size
  • Display with integrated speakers
    and/or touch function
  • Vandal-proof configuration
  • 1 hour basic instruction in the
    system and software

Even though the system can be installed by the user, we recommend having a specialised reseller install it. The easescreen4school software can also be ordered separately on request and can be integrated effortlessly into existing IT systems. Ask your reseller for a tailored offer.

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